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Package "Official Partner of "Expedition-Trophy 2008" Race"
17:02 07.06.2007

The document will be most helpful for potential partners of "Expedition-Trophy 2008".

Package Price is 7 500 000 RUR. "Official Partner" Status (hereinafter OP) grants the following rights:

  • Placement of the OP logo on the clothes of the Race Organizers, participants and accredited Mass Media representatives. Quantity: from 200 sets. Dimensions: max. 7 х 7 cm.
  • Placement of the OP logo on the vehicles оf the Organizers and on all the private (non-corporate) teams on the both sides of the front fenders. Dimensions depend upon the brand of the vehicle, and cover the longest part of the vehicle to the maximum.
  • Placement of the OP logo on the press-conferences and award-giving banners. Dimensions of the logo should be smaller than the "Expedition-Trophy" logo and the logo of the General Partner of the Race.
  • Placement of the logos on the "Expedition" train on both sides of all the carriages (upper part, over the windows). Dimensions max. 40 х 200 cm.
  • Banners and Flags of OP on Start, Finish, in the Team Gathering Places and at Challenging Points. Quantity and Dimensions: 2 banners (dimensions: 130X300 cm) and 1 flag (dimensions approx 100X200 cm).
  • Acknowledgements to OP in the photo album published upon the results of the Race.
  • Opportunity to carry out the OP's own actions using the "Expedition-Trophy 2008" logo in the period from the date of signing of the Partnership Agreement till 31.07.08.
  • Opportunity to place the OP's logo on the main page of The Race's web site. Placement of advertising links to OP's official site.
  • Placement of the OP logo on ad-produce of the Race (calendars, booklets, folders, envelopes etc).
  • Opportunity to establish OP's own nomination and prize within the Race.

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