Race is


Expedition is about those who live with the spirit of "the road that is wide enough for all". It's a story about active way of life, wonders that happen at every step, about infinite opportunities waiting around every turn.

The value of Expedition is in everything: in real people, in adventures, meetings and acquaintances, in memories and impressions that you cannot buy, but only acquire living a real life.

"Expedition-Trophy" — is an annual international event, in which any adventurer irrespective of their age and citizenship can participate. This race is for those who know what a team is and can rely upon their friends. "Expedition-Trophy" will give all who touches it a real taste of life and freedom to theirselves!

From the first automobile expeditions in the beginning of the last century history doesn't remember any other adventures when team spirit and the desire to cross the Earth from edge to edge, moving all the conceivable horizons, are the main roads to the victory. "Expedition-Trophy" — is a struggle of those who can accept the challenge. Every day Expedition will set tasks which will be overcome only by the most prepared and united team.

Sixteen thousand kilometers of snowy Russia await the participants: kiddles of Kolsky Penisula, snowdrifts of Ural, Siberian frosts, the ice of Baikal and hummocks of the Far East Rivers. The hardships of a Russian winter aren't the most difficult trial for the teams that will cross the starting line in Murmansk. Until the very Finish no one will be able to predict the winner. At the start of each stage teams will be no advantage gained either during the previous stages, or due to professional racing experience. The victory at stage will lead to a new challenge on equal terms.