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"Expedition-Trophy" is the greatest motor competition-adventure on the planet. The Race consists of several stages and includes off-road elements, orienteering and unexpected logical tasks. In such tasks the Participants will have to find and reach some interim sign points.

The terms are: form February 23d to March 8th. The Start is in the city of Murmansk (the Far North), the Finish is in Vladivostok (the Far East). The Prize fund is 10 kg of pure gold.

The route of "Expedition-Trophy 2008", which is 16 thousand km long, will cross 8 most beautiful regions of the country: Kolsky peninsula, Central and Nothern Russia, Povolzhie, Ural, Siberia, The Baikal region and the Far East. The total population in the regions on the way of the Race exceeds 50 million people.

"Expedition-Trophy 2008" will differ from the previous Races, as ita route won't cross Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Besides the Race will cross the Lake Baikal from South to North and go along the legendary Baikal-Amur railway.

You can still get into the Race! If you want to know how to do it, please call +7 985 999-9951. The Organizers will explain you how realize it!

Each team consists of six peolpe and two off-road vehicles. Each team should have minimum one, maximum six women. Each team may have no more than one "Expedition-Trophy 2005-2006" Veteran.

The Race has two kinds of Competition:

  • "Expedition-Trophy" Golden Prize;
  • "Expedition" Prize.

The route of the Race is divided into several stages, the latter being successfully passed by the Team will allow it to compete for the main prize of "Expedition-Trophy 2008" in Vladivostok.