Race is


Alexander Kravtsov

Responsibility: Chief Organizer
City: Moscow
Site: ruyan.ru
Company: Ruyan, Group of companies

Alexander Kravtsov founded a group of companies that produced goods under the trademarks of Raptor, Gardex, Forester, Patisson, Salton, etc. In 2002 trademark "Expedition" was born, under which there now exists a magazine, a restaurant of Nothern cuisine, a line of products and stores network "Expedition".

Alexander is the creator of "Expedition" project, the basis of which lies in the idea of authenticity, something real. In order to verify the main idea of the project 6 employees of Ruyan leaded by Kravtsov himself laid the route for the future Race from Moscow to Vladivostok in March 2004.

Alexander Davidov

Responsibility: Commissar
City: Moscow
Site: whitewater.ru

A professional traveler and an extreme kayaker. Participated in Camel Trophy 94 (Argentine — Paraguay — Chili). In 1995-2000 he was a technical organizer and Marshal of Camel Trophy national selections. From 1990 organized and participated in different expeditions in more than 50 countries. Commissar of "Expedition-Trophy" 2005, 2006 and 2008.

Vadim Uskov

Responsibility: Chief Judge
City: Moscow
Site: uskov.ru
Company: Law company "Uskov and Partners"

Vadim is one of the most respected lawyers and patent agents in the sphere of protection of intellectual property. A member of Expert Council to Informational Policy Committee of Russian Federation. He was rewarded with "Deserved Member of Russian Jurisprudence" medal by the National Law Academy. The company represents interests of many large companies. The chief Judge of "Expedition-Trophy" 2005, 2006 and 2008.

Besides all Organizers mentioned above a lot of interesting and devoted people work for "Expedition-Trophy". The best way to meet all of them is to participate in our projects.