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Package "General Partner of "Expedition-Trophy 2008" Race"
17:03 07.06.2007

The document will be most helpful for potential partners of "Expedition-Trophy 2008".

Package price is 30 000 000 RUR. "General Partner" status (hereinafter GP) grants the following rights:

  • Placement of the GP logo on the clothes of the Race Organizers, Race participants and accredited Mass Media representatives. The quantity is from 200 sets. Dimensions max. 8 х 8 cm.
  • Placement of the GP logo on the clothes of "Expedition-Trophy" trade mark, put to free sale (a special collection of "Expedition-Trophy 2008"). This item has to be specified additionally!
  • Placement of the GP logo on the vehicles of the Organizers and all the participants (50-100 vehicles). The terms of placement the logo on The Organizers' vehicles are: from the moment of the vehicles full readiness and until 31.07.2008.
  • Placement of the GP logo at the press-conferences and on award-giving banners. Dimensions of the logo are larger than of the other logos, but smaller than the "Expedition-Trophy" logo.
  • Placement of the GP logo on the "Expedition" train on both sides of all the carriages (lower part under the windows). Dimensions max. 80 х 300 cm.
  • Banners and Flags of GP in the main points of The Race's planned events: Start, Finish, Team Gathering Places, Challenging Points and the meeting places for press-conferences and briefings.
  • Placement of the GP logo on the official documentation and ad-produce of the Race: folders, envelopes, notebooks, calendars, booklets, flyers etc.
  • Opportunity to distribute the GP's printed ad-produce and souvenirs in the Challenging Points, press-conferences, concert events, Team Gathering Places.
  • Acknowledgements to GP on the information boards of the Race.
  • Acknowledgements to GP at all the press-conferences over the Race.
  • Acknowledgements to GP in the titles of the film shot upon the results of the Race by the Organizers' team.
  • Acknowledgements to GP in the photo album published upon the results of the Race.
  • Acknowledgements to GP at all the festivals, visited by the "Expedition" company till 31.07.2008, with photo- and other materials of GP in the Photo-Show devoted to "Expedition-Trophy 2008".
  • Opportunity to carry out the GP's own promotion actions in the period of the Race (23.02 — 08.03.2008).
  • A possibility of creating a special GP's nomination and prize within the Race.
  • Opportunity to use the "Expedition-Trophy 2008" logo in the GP's own advertising and commercial actions in the period from the date of signing of the Partnership Agreement till 31.12.2008.
  • Opportunity to place the GP's logo on the main page of The Race's web site. Placement of advertising links to GP's official site.
  • Invitation of 4 people from GP's side for the whole route of the Race.
  • Invitation of 3 people from GP's side to one of the most spectacular events of "Epedition-Trophy 2008" (Start, Finish, Special Zone on Lake Baikal, concert show).
  • Production of a corporate film about the Race for GP by the Organizers.
  • Assignment of a special car, branded only by Organizers' and GP's logos, which will cover the entire Route of "Expedition-Trophy 2008" as a full-right participant. After the Race this car becomes property of GP.

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