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August 2007
19:49 22.08.2007
Additional Selection for "Expedition-Trophy 2008" will be held in the Ural region
The Organizers of "Expedition-Trophy" have decided to hold another Selection round for the applicants from the Ural and Siberian regions, due to the large amount of requests from such cities as Samara, Perm, Ufa, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, etc.
18:48 09.08.2007
Once again on the Veteran selection
Dear friends! We are glad to inform you that the Veteran Selection will most certainly take place in the nearest future. By now means will we miss the chance to meet the legendary heroes of the Race. The only and quite insignificant change in the plans is the location of the event.
16:17 06.08.2007
Two teams from Siberia ready to take part in "Expedition-Trophy 2008"
On Saturday, the 4th of August, the third Selection round for the 2008 Trophy was held near Novosibirsk. The Organizers are quite satisfied with the results — both the teams formed at the selection had shown ability to pass the tasks consistently and correctly, showing surprisingly good timing results.
17:51 01.08.2007
The gathering place for the participants of the Siberian selection round for “Expedition-Trophy 2008”
On the 4th of August in Novosibirsk region the 3rd, Siberian, selection round for “Expedition-Trophy 2008” will be held. The gathering place for the participants is “Expedition” store in “Gigant” Trading Centre. The selection round will last for one day and the participants will be back in town by evening.