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February 2008
23:59 29.02.2008
Who, Where and When for 22:00 on February 29, 2008
Two hours till spring comes.
19:08 29.02.2008
Teams Location
Data for the moment of 18:00 on the 29th of February 2008.
17:06 29.02.2008
Organizers Press Tour
The Organizers headquarters continue their trip through the Ural and Siberian cities. On the 26th of February they gave a press conference in Ekaterinburg, on the 27th — in Novosibirsk. Yesterday the Organizers communicated with the press in Krasnoyarsk.
15:23 29.02.2008
"Ryzhiki" Comment on the Race Sutuation
"Ryzhiki" in a brief interview tell us about road hardships.
15:20 29.02.2008
New Accident — This Time "Helios"
Today about 11 a.m. on the highway between Omsk è Novosibirsk a "Helios" car got into traffic accident. 150 kms from Siberian capital the car skipped to the road shoulder and tillted to a side. The crew didn't get hurt, the car didn't suffer serious damage either. The team shows optimism and resolution to move on.
15:15 29.02.2008
Who? Where? When?
The situation by midday on the 29th of February 2008.
01:38 29.02.2008
Audio Commentary by Vadim Uskov
Vadim Uskov, the Chief Judge of "Expedition-Trophy" comments on the current situation in the Race and stresses the importance of fan support for the success of the teams.
01:14 29.02.2008
"Brodiagi" Get into Accident
On the 29th of February at 00:35 Moscow time the headquarters got a message: on the way to Omsk "Brodiagi" met a truck that was parked on the road shoulder and blocked the turn. There was no time for thinking, and to avoid the crash one of the cars dived into road ditch. As a result of the urgent maneuver the car got tilted to one side.
01:08 29.02.2008
Once Again Who, Where, When...
Teams location from 20:00 to 22:30 on the 28th of February 2008.
00:41 29.02.2008
"Expedition-Trophy 2008": Video Chronicles
We start publishing a series of video clips dedicated to the 1st Stage of the Race from Murmansk to Arkhangelsk. We want to warn you from the start that it is by no means professional or cross-cut. But we believe that the shooting convey the character and charm of the Race. You are welcome to download, watch and get closer to us!
20:23 28.02.2008
New Photographs
In the Photo section there are two new galleries — "The Race start through the eyes of RIA News" and "CP in Arkhangelsk".
18:01 28.02.2008
Who, Where, When for 18:00, 28th of February 2008
The current location of the teams for 18:00.
17:09 28.02.2008
Teams Position
We keep publishing the information on teams location at the Race 2nd Stage. From now on you will have a chance to trace the teams on a map.
21:06 27.02.2008
Official Video from the Start of "Expedition-Trophy 2008"
In the Video section you will find a video clip from the start of "Expedition-Trophy 2008" in Murmansk. It first appeared on the federal channel RTR on the 24th of February, the next day after the Race started.
19:40 27.02.2008
Alexander Davydov on Preface
The commentary of the Race Chief Commissar Alexander Davydov — a summary on the results of the first Open Stage of "Expedition-Trophy 2008".
19:22 27.02.2008
Who, Where, When...
Situation for the evening of February 27th, 2008.
18:23 27.02.2008
Cultural Navigation Treasures
The 2nd Stage of the Race is in the full swing: the teams begin to emerge into the surprising and unknown world of Russian culture and history, while the Organizers start to reap the fruits of their work.
17:45 27.02.2008
Everyone Is Back to Normal
As was reported before, this morning wasn't a success for two teams. "Junona and Avos" and "Helios" met technical problems and had to take a pause. "Helios" stuck in Nizhniy Novgorod and "Junona" went out of order by Sovetsk on the way to Kirov.
13:14 27.02.2008
2nd Stage Chronicles
Information from the morning communication with the Golden Contest teams of "Expedition-Trophy 2008".
13:13 27.02.2008
1st Stage Photos
Murmansk — Arkhangelsk Stage photographs.
01:11 27.02.2008
"Mults" are Back in the Game!
After midnight the "Mult and Ko" team contacted the Race headquarters to report that they are all right.
00:51 27.02.2008
News from the Route: Competition Goes On
We inform you of the current situation of the Race for the time of 23:00 on the 26th of February 2008.
00:12 27.02.2008
Let's Stay in Touch
The 2nd day of the longest Stage in "Expedition-Trophy" history is coming to an end. For more than 24 hours the teams follow the routes they have worked out independently, away from the Race Headquarters, that is functioning in Moscow now.
17:29 26.02.2008
Teams Location
Below is the information on the teams location. 
17:28 26.02.2008
Organizers Press Conference in Novosibirsk
Tomorrow, on the 27th of February 2008, at 16:00 local time a press conference will be held in Novosibirsk. The place is Novosibirsk Journalist Association, Bolshevistskaya st, 43 (entrance 3), Novosibirsk.
13:20 26.02.2008
Task for the 2nd Stage of "Expedition-Trophy 2008"
As for the moment all the teams participating in the 2nd Stage have received their Stage task, it is published in the Documents section.
13:11 26.02.2008
Information on "Mult and Ko" Team
The "Mult and Ko" team members have obtained their task for the 2nd Stage of the Race. Now they are moving to Arkhangelsk and this evening they plan to start for the Baikal.
10:30 26.02.2008
Organizers Press Tour is On
Today at 11:00 local time in Ekaterinburg a press conference with the Race Organizers was held in the ITAR-TASS building. Apart from Mass Media the press conference was visited by the Trophy veterans from Ekaterinburg.
10:28 26.02.2008
Murmansk Photo Report
In the photo section you will find photographs from Murmansk: the pre-start Technical Commission, celebration in the Piati Uglov Square, briefing and the very Start of the Race.
21:40 25.02.2008
"Mult and Ko" further fate
The Race headquarters received information that "Mult and Ko" had made courageous decision to continue fighting for 10 kg of gold.
18:12 25.02.2008
Photo report from Preface Final CP
In the photo section you will find photographs from the final CP in Arkhangelsk.
15:05 25.02.2008
On the way again!
For the Preface teams the final CP in Arkhangelsk became the moment of truth, that defined the owners of the victorious glory.
14:59 25.02.2008
Race keeps suffering losses
Not all the participants and vehicles keep up with the Race tempo. Such Preface crews as "Kornet" and "Gud Avto" didn't take part in the Arkhangelsk CP. In its course three more crews of the Open Stage left the fight — "Severny Medved", "ABM" and "Brotherhood of Heroes".
14:52 25.02.2008
Final Results of Arkhangelsk Challenging Point
Position, name of the crew (its vehicle number).
14:27 25.02.2008
Results of the "Expedition-Trophy 2008" Open Stage
The first preliminary result of "Expedition-Trophy 2008" is achieved. Today the participants fought for the prizes of the Preface (from Murmansk to Arkhangelsk) on the icy CP built up right on the ice of the Northern Dvina — in front of Arkhangelsk central beach.
14:17 25.02.2008
Race Longest Stage started off
The 2nd Stage began right after the finish of the Preface CP and the tasks distribution.
12:13 25.02.2008
First Winners of the Race
The final CP of the Preface has just ended.
04:08 25.02.2008
Organizers Mobile Headquarters
Organizers Mobile Headquarters moves along the "Expedition-Trophy 2008" route, flying from one city to another ahead of the teams to settle all the organizational questions on the spot.
02:18 25.02.2008
Hardhips of the way
Against all warnings by the "Expedition-Trophy 2008" headquarters and safety measures applied by participants, at the Murmansk-Arkhangelsk route piece four vehicles turned over because of bad weather conditions ("Mult and Ko", "Komanda", "Ryzhiki" and "4X4 Life 1"). Fortunately there are no harmful consequences for peoples' life or health and all the crews continued movement.
22:53 24.02.2008
What the Day Has in Store...
The events schedule for the 25th of February 2008.
22:52 24.02.2008
Short Break
Today, at 22:00 in the press room of the "Pur-Navolok" Hotel in the relaxed cocktail atmosphere a meeting of participants and Organizers took place.
22:10 24.02.2008
Preface CP photographs
The photos from the 1st Stage of the Race, to be strict from a few Preface CPs. In the nearest future we will publish complete photo reports from the Race Start and its 1st Stage.
21:16 24.02.2008
Situation with "Mult and Ko" Team
According to the Preface task the delay at the finish means absence of permission to participate in the Stage CP.
20:40 24.02.2008
The winners of the 1st Stage will be defined by the Preface CP
The participants of "Expedition-Trophy 2008" has covered the distance from Murmansk to Arkhangelsk and almost all of them have done it in proper time. Now, to define the winners of the 1st Stage of the Race a finishing Challenging Point will be held.
19:06 24.02.2008
Control Time for the Preface is Out
The finish of the Preface for "Expedition-Trophy 2008" has come to an end. "Mult and Ko" team as well as "4X4 Life 1" and "Sanatatur" crews didn't fit into the control time piece.
18:52 24.02.2008
Two Hours to the Preface Finish...
While the Organizers fix the finish and calculate the results we offer you information on the teams location by 15:30 Moscow time.
18:20 24.02.2008
The Preface Finish Is On
At 18:00 the finish of the Preface for "Expedition-Trophy 2008" was open. The finishing time piece will last till 19:00. At the moment the Organizers Vadim Uskov (Chief Judge), Alexey Chubais (Technical Commissar) and Larisa Selezneva (Sports Commissar) are fixing the finish of the Stage.
18:11 24.02.2008
Preface Challenging Points
According to the "Expedition-Trophy 2008" Preface task the teams were to gather 8 prompts necessary for defining the finishing location. The first four prompts could be obtained after managing one of the two task types — either searching for Cultural Navigation Points (CNP), or passing a Challenging Point corresponding to a given CNP.
17:53 24.02.2008
Schedule of Press Conferences
Schedule of Press Conferences with "Expedition-Trophy 2008" Organizers from Ekaterinburg to Irkutsk is given according to local time.
06:24 24.02.2008
Plus One
"Brotherhood of Heroes" team has received the coordinates at the Organizers mobile check-point.
01:12 24.02.2008
Again on Mobile Check-point
By midnight two more crews arrived at the Organizers mobile check-point — "Galant-Avto" and "Gud Avto". Only three teams haven't caught the train yet.
22:18 23.02.2008
Train Chase Continues
"4X4 Life 2" crew got its coordinates at 20:10. The schedule of the train, carrying the Organizers representative, implies at least four more proper stops.
21:12 23.02.2008
Details of the Start
Well, against all rumours "Expedition-Trophy 2008" has began. By tradition 35 teams gathered by the Murmansk beacon — 10 of them are participants of the Golden Contest and other 15 — of the Preface.
19:30 23.02.2008
The Race Start on RTR-Channel
Watch the coverage of the start of "Expedition-Trophy 2008" Race on the "Russia" TV-channel at 6:30 a.m. on the 24th of February 2008.
19:01 23.02.2008
Teams List
The list of teams allowed to participate in the start of "Expedition-Trophy 2008" is published in the Documents section.
17:43 23.02.2008
News from the Road
At past 5 p.m. "Sonatatur" finally got the necessary coordinates. During the first CP a radiator tank exploded in "Mult and Ko" vehicle.
15:33 23.02.2008
Preface. The first results
The aim of the Preface for "Expedition-Trophy 2008" is to define the location of the finishing point and to be there within the control time piece. The coordinates of the finishing point were encoded and split into 8 parts.
13:42 23.02.2008
Task for the 1st Stage: Murmansk — Arkhangelsk
The task for the first Stage of the "Expedition-Trophy" Race is published in the Documents section of the site.
09:57 23.02.2008
Off Goes the Race!
At 9:00 sharp by the Belikamenniy beacon in Murmansk the third international Race "Expedition-Trophy 2008" started off.
03:24 23.02.2008
Pre-start Surprises
After the festive event all the teams gathered in the DK of Kirov for a pre-start briefing and press conference.
03:23 23.02.2008
No time for boredom
After the Technical Commission was over, the teams came up the stage set in front of the "Meridian" hotel to take part in a celebration honoring "Expedition-Trophy 2008".
03:22 23.02.2008
Done Away with Formalities
Yesterday the pre-start Technical Commission for "Expedition-Trophy 2008" was over. All the crews willing to participate passed it successfully, and afterwards all the vehicles were sent to a secured parking zone on the central square of Murmansk. From this point the crews will set off to the Belokamenniy beacon, where the start of the third international transcontinental Race "Expedition-Trophy" will soon take place.
21:12 22.02.2008
Organizers Pre-start Address
We offer you a record of the pre-start address by Alexander Davydov, the Race Commissar. In his speech he answers many questions, addressed to the Organizers.
06:56 22.02.2008
Murmansk greets "Expedition-Trophy 2008"!
Today on the Piati Uglov Square of Murmansk there'll be an all-city celebration organized by the City Mayor Office together with "Expedition-Trophy".
06:54 22.02.2008
La minor. Force majeure...
The Race hasn't even started yet, but the Headquarters already receive alarming news. Not all the teams allowed to participate may be able to start off in Murmansk from the Belokamenniy beacon on the 23rd of February. The team from Stavropol has stopped its movement along the "Don" highway for technical reasons.
06:50 22.02.2008
"Lightning" priority message from the Organizers of "Expedition-Trophy 2008"
Yesterday, on the first day of the Technical Commission of international transcontinental Race "Expedition-Trophy 2008" first teams passed the registration procedure.
00:29 19.02.2008
Att. of Mass Media
In the course of "Expedition-Trophy" the Organizers of the Race will hold a press-tour. The press conferences with the Organizers of "Expedition-Trophy 2008" will take place from the 26th to 29th of February in Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk.
00:25 19.02.2008
5 Days till Start
There are only 5 days left till the start of the Race. The preparation for the third "Expedition-Trophy" has come on the homestretch.
00:22 19.02.2008
Schedule of pre-start Technical Commission
The reception of applications from participants of the Preface for "Expedition-Trophy 2008" is over. The final version of the pre-start Technical Commission Schedule can be found in the Documents section.
18:51 15.02.2008
24 hours to think it over...
The Organizers of "Expedition-Trophy 2008" remind you that tomorrow, the 16th of February 2008, is the last day when the applications for participation in the Preface are still accepted.
18:49 05.02.2008
To the attention of Participants!
The location of the pre-start Technical Commission is defined now. The TC will be held in Murmansk on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd of February 2008 from 9 am till 6 pm. The exact address is Marata st, 1 — technical center "Galant-Auto". The schedule of the TC passing will be published at the very web-site on the 16th of February.
16:46 01.02.2008
22 days till Start
Less than a month is left till the Start of the 3rd "Expedition-Trophy". The excitement grows both among the Organizers and participants. And while for participants and spectators the clock ticks louder and louder counting back the hours and minutes left to the Start of the Race, the Organizers are busy with technical and administrational preparation of the route, which, we remind, will go through almost all Russia from West to East.