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November 2007
21:06 28.11.2007
Not enough selection for everyone!
The selection process for the "Expedition-Trophy 2008", which took place between May and November 2007 across Russia, has ended. Nevertheless people who couldn't take part in the selections are continuing to call in every day to Race HQ asking to take part.
18:31 19.11.2007
The Second Moscow Selection — Cold, still Productive
The Second Moscow Selection round for "Expedition-Trophy 2008" took place last Saturday, November the 17th. The Selection tour was held in Podmoscovie — in Dmitrovskiy, Klinskiy and Sergeevo-Posadskiy counties.
21:41 14.11.2007
The meeting place for the participants of the 2nd Moscow Selection
The meeting place for the participants of the 2nd Moscow Selection tour for "Expedition-Trophy 2008" is the "Expedition" store in Serpukhovskoj Val, 2, Moscow.
18:27 13.11.2007
Dedication to participants of "Expedition-Trophy 2008"
When setting off for a long journey a tourist looks for pleasure. A traveler craves for unknown emotions and impressions. What is the goal of adventurers? Gold? What did the participants of the two previous "Expedition-Trophies" seek? Perhaps they seeked for themselves wha are trying to hide in the labyrinths of large cities...
22:39 08.11.2007
The Second Moscow Selection tour awaits!
The list of applicants invited to the second Moscow Selection tour for "Expedition-Trophy 2008".
19:13 02.11.2007
To Att: Applicants of the Second Moscow Selection
The Second Moscow selection round will take place on the 17th of November, Saturday.