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December 2007
18:05 13.12.2007
Agreement between Teams of "Expedition-Trophy 2008" and "Expedition Company"
Now we can reply to one of the most popular questions: you will be able to sign the agreement between Teams of "Expedition-Trophy 2008" and "Expedition Company" no earlier than a week before New Year Day.
18:03 13.12.2007
The official information from Organizers
We will remember December with the huge increase of the applicants for participation in "Expedition-Trophy 2008". In accordance with this fact the Organizers decided to allow to form the commands of the applicants for participation, who did not pass the selections, by themselves. In respect of the number of commands formed, Organizers will carry out Extra Selections for new applicants for participation in the Race.
18:39 07.12.2007
What is a leap-year preparing for us?
Organizers decided to reveal just a few secrets of the route of the Race "Expedition-Trophy 2008".
22:55 06.12.2007
Technical requirements to Team's vehicle
Please pay attention that new document, named "Technical requirements to Team's vehicle", has been published on our site, in the section Documents.
22:53 06.12.2007
A bit of history
Please pay attention that new video report has been published on our site, in the section Media. You can watch the most interesting fragments of legendary Races "Expedition-Trophy 2005/2006". The report also includes fragments from Organizers' prescout in 2004.
16:04 04.12.2007
Att: Participants and Applicants for Participation in "Expedition-Trophy 2008"
Please pay attention to the extra request from Organizers. This is strong requirement both for participants and potential participants of "Expedition-Trophy 2008". During the Race at least three participants must have three valid foreign passports. Among these three participants must be at least one woman.