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23:04 01.03.2008
Video Chronicles 2008: Preface Finish
The next series of video clips is dedicated to the Finish of the crews that participated in the Open Stage from Murmansk to Arkhangelsk. It was but few days ago, still, the events shot are already history...
00:03 01.03.2008
Video Chronicles: Open Stage
The time of action is 23rd and 24th of February 2008, the two-days way from Murmansk to Arkhangelsk. Most of it the road reminded a bob-sleigh track, that is why the racers had to dig their vehicles out of show drifts on the road shoulders all the time. Moreover, there were challenging points… Real challenge and trial for the Golden Contest participants!
00:34 29.02.2008
Video Chronicles: Start
The events of the 22nd-23rd of February 2008. Any Start is accompanied by excitement, that stresses all the importance of the Race. Final pre-start instructions from the Organizers, the eyes of the participants that see only the starting line… The tension lessens only after the starting signal is given...
20:55 27.02.2008
"Expedition-Trophy 2008": Start (RTR)
A video clip about the Start of "Expedition-Trophy 2008" in Murmansk. It was first shown at RTR federal channel on the 24th of February 2008, the next day after the Race started. 
22:37 06.12.2007
"Expedition-Trophy": The way it was
Summary video report with the most interesting fragments of legendary Traces "Expedition-Trophy 2005/2006". The report also includes fragments from Organizers' prescout in 2004.
17:29 14.09.2007
"Expedition-Trophy 2008": First selection (Moscow)
The first Selection tour for "Expedition-Trophy 2008" — on the 19th of May 2007 about fifty candidates took part in a selection tour at one of the islands in the Moscow Sea. After a full day of adventure the Organizers made sure that only courageous people become part of Expedition-Trophy team. See it for yourself!
17:27 14.09.2007
"Expedition-Trophy 2008": Preface
A few words about everything. For those too busy to read the corresponding sections of this site.
17:24 14.09.2007
"Expedition-Trophy 2006": Baykal CP
The Baykal Lake. The most beautiful place along the route of "Expedition-Trophy". Its mirror-like surface allows to perform any elements of figure skating worth of a World championship. You easily loose your breath either because of the speed, or the beauty around.
17:22 14.09.2007
"Expedition-Trophy 2006": Ekaterinburg CP
The Ural Challenging Point turned out to be the physically hardest point in the whole Race. Trenches and hummocks of earth and ice covered by deep snow became true challenge not only for cars, but also for people...
17:14 14.09.2007
"Expedition-Trophy 2006": Start
Nostalgic page... 23rd of February 2006. Murmansk. Dozens of cars wait for the starting signal to set off into the cold, snow, wind and ice of Russia's Far North...
19:06 13.09.2007
"Expedition-Trophy 2006": Preface
How much time do you need to get a foretaste of the Major Adventure in the Universe? 19 seconds. The 19 seconds of pure adrenaline that will leave no one impassionate.