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ВладивостокВладивосток Финиш Гонки во ВладивостокеФиниш Гонки во Владивостоке
И снова Байкал...И снова Байкал... Байкал глазами Байкал глазами "РИА Новости"
First Baikal PhotographsFirst Baikal Photographs Arkhangelsk Once MoreArkhangelsk Once More
The column of "Expedition-Trophy" participants on the Baikal ice.The finishing portion of photographs from Arkhangelsk. The preparation for the Challenging Point and the CP itself. By Vadim Uskov.
CP in ArkhangelskCP in Arkhangelsk The Race start through the eyes of RIA NewsThe Race start through the eyes of RIA News
One more portion of photos from the finishing CP in Arkhangelsk. By Marina Bakanova.The official information partner of "Expedition-Trophy 2008" the national news agency "RIA News" presents their vision of the Open Stage of the Race through the photo material from the first three days of the winter marathon.
Final CP in ArkhangelskFinal CP in Arkhangelsk On the way from Murmansk to ArkhangelskOn the way from Murmansk to Arkhangelsk
For the Preface teams the final CP in Arkhangelsk became the moment of truth, that defined the owners of the victorious glory. But for the Golden Contest teams the priority was to conquer it with least possible losses and get the task for the next Stage.Photographs of the way from Murmansk to Arkhangelsk, or the first Stage "Expedition-Trophy 2008".
"Expedition-Trophy 2008" in Murmansk Photo report from the 2nd Moscow Selection for Photo report from the 2nd Moscow Selection for "Expedition-Trophy 2008"
The Photo report of "Expedition-Trophy 2008" presence in Murmansk: pre-start Technical Commission, the celebration in the 5 Uglov Square, the briefing and the very Start of the Race.The participants of the Selection had to climb the highest cliffs, walk on water, search for treasures of the deserted mansions and mystical triangles, cut the power off an AA Defense Base, and even break into a secret soda machine.
Photo report from the Veterans military practicePhoto report from the Veterans military practice The Ural-Siberian HodgepodgeThe Ural-Siberian Hodgepodge
This section contains photographs from the Veteran Selection tour that took place on the 27th of October on the bank of the Oka river. Look at the happy faces of the Veterans! Only true heroes can enjoy dragging logs at the temperature of plus 2° Celsius almost as much as digging snow at minus 15°...The photo gallery contains photographs from the Ural and Siberian Selection rounds, shot both by the Organizers and Applicants. Though few but very interesting.
First selection to First selection to "Expedition-trophy 2008"
Here you can view the photographs from the first Moscow selection round for "Expedition-Trophy 2008". We hope that the participants and guests of the selection will find not only their friends' and own happy faces but also a lot of interesting things...