Race is

15:18 19.06.2007
Will the Organizers provide the participants of "Expedition-Trophy 2008" with cars?
No, the participants are to prepare the vehicles and all the necessary equipment for the 2008 Race by themselves. Practice shows that in such case driving skills and safekeeping of cars tend to improve considerably.
15:17 19.06.2007
Can I take part in Selections for the second time?
Yes, the applicants that didn't win a Selection round may apply for participation again and get invited to the next Selection on equal terms with all the other applicants.
15:16 19.06.2007
What happens to the team that won a Selection?
After a Selection round three teams get into the starting list of "Expedition-Trophy 2008". Each of them signs a Participation agreement, but doesn't pay any participation fee. The rules allow 2 substitutes in a team. The final membership must be claimed before January 1st 2008.
15:15 19.06.2007
How long does a Selection last and what do I need to have with me?
A Selection round lasts for not more than 24 hours. The competitive program takes a light day, summarizing the results happens late in the evening. You need to take an extra pair of sports shoes, a change of clothes and all you need for outdoor activity - for example, a hat, insects repellents, etc.
15:14 19.06.2007
How much does participation in a Selection cost?
Participation in a Selection round for "Expedition-Trophy 2008" is FREE of charge both for participants and veterans of 2005/2006 Trophies. Only those who wish to buy the status of "Merchant" from the Organizers have to pay an entrance fee.